Enhanced Listing how-to

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This guide is intended to help you make the most of the enhanced listing web marketing subscription available on the Dallas Builders Association member search.

Dow Building Solutions logo

Dow Building Solutions enhanced listing example

Some of the enhanced features you'll receive when upgrading to an enhanced listing in the member search:

  • Top Placement in category searches
  • Organization Logo
  • Social Media Icons/Links
  • Member mug Shot
  • Youtube Videos

Begin by logging into your company profile. Choose [Members]->[Login] from the right side of the top navigation menu.


If you are unsure the username or password for your company profile please contact the Dallas BA membership department at 214-624-3176 or click here to email directly.

Once logged in you'll see several options.


We're interested in "upload media (Enhanced Listings Only)".  Once inside the enhanced media options you'll now see a place to upload your company logo, your mugshot, and company YouTube video.  It's especially important to note here the Logo, mugshot, and youtube video all have maximum dimensions.  Those dimensions are as follows:

  • Company Logo: 245px wide x 160px tall
  • Mugshot: 200px wide x 150px tall
  • Youtube Video: 300px wide x 300px tall

Not adhering to the maximum image dimensions will cause the upload to fail.


For the Company logo & your mugshot,  simply click the respective "Choose File" button.  Select your submission.  Then click "Open" or the affirmative button in your browser.  Once done click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the enhanced media options page.

♦For your company YouTube video you'll need a YouTube account and have uploaded your company video into YouTube.

This YouTube guide will show you how to upload your company video into Youtube

Once you've completed your video upload, visit the video page and select [SHARE]->[Embed]->[Show More] (below)



You'll see video size.. Press the down arrow and select custom size.


In the first field of the custom size box enter "300" (be sure to hit enter on your keyboard.) This is our maximum YouTube video width.  Up above there is a field with our custom HTML code we'll need to highlight, copy, and carry with us to the weblink upload media page.



Now back on the Weblink upload media page we will paste the copied video HTML from YouTube into the field marked Embed your youtube video html here.  Once done click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the enhanced media options page.


We've now completed adding media assets to your enhanced listing.  It's time to add copy about your company.  From the members only menu select Update your contact information.  Further down the list you'll see "Edit my profile" appear.  Click there.


Select "Directory Listing" and update the description fields to your liking.  Once done chose Save and Keep Working.


Finally select "Social Media" Copy and past the URLs from your social media pages into the corresponding fields.  Once done choose save and submit.


Your enhanced listing is now complete and ready to educate visitors about your company's products and services.